Precision Edge

Do what you love, we'll keep you sharp!

Professional Skate Sharpening Delivered To Your Door

Precision Edge is a family-owned business that proudly provides high quality services and products to the Dakota County, Minnesota area. We offer no-contact quality skate sharpening and accessory deliveries. 

How Mobile Skate Sharpening Works

Precision Edge provides high quality skate sharpening and unmatched convenience. Schedule an appointment window and we come to you to sharpen your hockey, goalie, and figure skates. Our service can be contact free, simply leave a note at check out where we can find your skates, and we will put them back sharp. It's that easy!


Need tape, wax, or other accessories?  Save the extra trip to the pro shop and select from a variety of the most popular Howies Hockey Tape and supplies when you set up your skate sharpening! 

Specify your Hollow

Precision Edge offers standard 1/2 inch hollow sharpenings or choose from 3/8, 5/8, 3/4, and 1 inch hollow options. Indicate your preference at the time of appointment scheduling.

Schedule your Appointment Window

Precision Edge offers convenient appointment window times to fit your busy schedule.

We Come to You!

We offer no contact skate sharpening.  Leave us a note at checkout where to find your skates and we will return them sharpened.

Central Service Area

Rosemount, Apple Valley, Lakeville

 All Regular Business Hours

Team skate sharpening is available outside of the current home service area.  Contact us to schedule.

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East Service Area  

Hastings, Vermillion, Coates,


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Skate Sharpening Price List

Single Pair $10

Our goal at Precision Edge is to provide you high quality skate sharpening with convenience. As a hockey family, we understand how time intensive it can be to get your skates sharpened. Long lines, multiple trips to drop off and pickup skates, hoping for a good sharpening. Never worry again about getting quality, consistent edges.  Skate sharpening has never been so easy!

Each sharpening will remove imperfections, leaving a precision level edge. 

Available in standard hollow sizes:
3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 1"

Team and Group Skate Sharpening

Precision Edge specializes in team and group skate sharpening. Have a manager or volunteer collect skates at the end of practice, we will pick them up from you and return them sharp before your next ice. We can also sharpen while you wait, have a team meeting or watch game film. Live outside our service area? Get a group of neighbors or friends and we will come to you with an 8 pair minimum order. Our service is convenient!


Coaches, hope all your parents have time to get skates sharpened before the big out of town tournament? Schedule a team sharpening before you leave!

Team and Group Skate Sharpening Pricing

$8 Per Pair/ 8 Pair Minimum Order

Loose Steel Welcome

Contact Us to Schedule a Team or Group Skate Sharpening

We will be in touch soon.

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Save the Trip to The Pro Shop

Need tape, wax, or other accessories?  Save the extra trip to the pro shop and select from a variety of the most popular Howies Hockey Tape and supplies!